Calendar Visibility Settings

Calendar Visibility Settings

In each personnel's profile Custom Scheduler Settings can be set. The options to set are aircraft and personnel. 

  1. Access the personnel profile by clicking on their name in My Company > Personnel

  2. There are 3 settings that can be set for a users schedule view.

    1. All Activity allows a personnel to filter "All Aircraft" on the aircraft calendar and all personnel on the crew calendar.

    2. My Flights allows the user to only see their flights and personnel events

    3. Custom allows you to restrict personnel's visibility on the calendar to only select aircraft and crew members in addition to their own.

  3. When selecting Custom, apply aircraft and/or personnel to restrict aircraft and crew visibility and click "Save Changes".


When custom aircraft are designated, the personnel's assigned aircraft are automatically selected on their aircraft schedule. The user is unable to edit the aircraft filters. 

When custom personnel are applied to a personnel's profile, the user's personnel are automatically set on their crew calendar. This allows visibility to fellow crew members personnel events such as vacation, off days, HDOs, training, etc. The user is unable to edit the personnel filters. If no personnel are selected, but custom is designated (for the aircraft setting), the user is able to filter any personnel on the crew calendar. 

Additionally, when custom personnel are applied to a personnel's profile, this allows visibility to fellow crew members personnel events such as vacation, off days, HDOs, training,etc. on the aircraft schedule in the Event Containers and/or aircraft rows.

Helpful Hint:
To remove the toggle for brokered flights to show/hide on a personnel's aircraft calendar, be sure to set custom scheduler settings and designate Display Brokered Flights to No.

Ref: O-C03

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