Configure Avinode

Configure Avinode

The integration allows for the schedule to automatically push every 1 hour from Avianis to Avinode (plus updates with changes) and receive quote requests from Avinode to Avianis (requests come into Avianis immediately). The operations is not able to set how often the schedule sends. 

Prerequisite: Before the aircraft can be configured in Avianis obtain the Authorization Token in the Avinode account. That is located in Company->API’s->AvianisREST->view. Please refer any questions regarding the token to Avinode Support.

Avinode Contact Information:
US Customers: 1-888-972-8040
International: +46-31-751 0000

To set up the integration follow these steps: 

Authenticate the Integration:

  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > Integrations > Avinode

  2. Input the token obtained from Avinode, select enable and Save

Add Users/Groups to receive Notifications

  1. Select users to receive and email notification if there is an error/issue sending an aircraft schedule to Avinode. 

Add aircraft:

  1. Go to My Company > Global Settings > Integrations > Avinode

  2. Click on the Aircraft tab

  3. Click the check box above the Add/Remove column and click the Add button next to each aircraft you want to add to the integration.

Testing the Authentication:

Confirm a new quote request is in Avinode since connecting the integration. Go to the main menu > Deals in Avianis. If new deals exist the integration is working. 

Following the initial authentication, the schedule will begin syncing every hour. Initially the feed will include the entire schedule. Subsequent feeds are triggered by changes that occur on the schedule, such as a new mx event, trip dates/time changes, etc.

Trips in the pending status DO NOT sync to Avinode.

Helpful Tip: When connecting a new Flight Management System, Avianis pushes over all activities. Avinode defines them as unavailable and highlights the activities in black. The user will need to access Activity Types in Avinode and define their necessary types there. 

Refer to Avinode Activity Types for more details.

Ref: I-A01

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