Custom Aircraft Roles: Guide

Custom Aircraft Roles: Guide

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This guide will cover some operational tips on using Custom Aircraft Roles:

Aircraft Profile Page

When a user is limited in the aircraft they may access, they will not find the aircraft profile page under My Company > Aircraft (this will not be visible). To access the aircraft profile, go to: Dashboard > My Aircraft tab

Access Denied

When a user attempts to view a page/area which is not permitted for their access level they may see a screen with an Access Denied message (see examples below). In order to gain access they must contact their company Avianis administrator; Avianis Support may not change these access permissions.

Role Access Visibility 

The levels of access available for each area for a Custom Aircraft Role is only visible to the Avianis administrators for the company or those with access to the My Company > Aircraft page. 

Search by Role

The Personnel listing/search page provides a Custom Role column, which may be added from Display Columns on the left hand side. Personnel may also be searched by the Custom Role value. 

View Roles by Aircraft 

Custom Aircraft Roles applied to personnel may be viewed from the Aircraft Profile page under the Personnel tab:

View Personnel Applied by Roles

Under My Company > Aircraft > Settings > Custom Roles, then selecting the magnify glass button for a particular role, all personnel/users with that role will be shown (sorted by the aircraft to which that role is applied).

Ref: M-A07

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