Deals and quotes

Deals and quotes

The article contains:

  • What a deal is utilized for

  • How to create a deal from a quote

  • Assign multiple quotes to a deal

  • Additional examples of use cases for deals


Deals allow an operation to track sales opportunities. Deals can be associated with a specific quote for detailed opportunity tracking such as stage of the deal, where the deal came from (lead source), expected close date, amount of potential deal, and any applicable campaign codes. This guide will outline associating a quote to a deal. 

The deal allows an operation to designate whether the quoting opportunity was won, lost, or canceled. If won, the entire deal is designated won. If lost, a deal status reason list is customizable by the operation and reasons can be specified why the opportunity was lost.

Create a deal from a quote

  1. Create a quote

  2. Click on the "Create" button in the Deal widget 

  3. A new deal will now be associated with your quote

You can make changes to various items within the deal such as the stage, lead source, sales rep, as well as designate whether the deal is open, won, lost, or canceled for tracking purposes.

Multiple quotes in one deal

First, copy an existing quote that already has a deal associated with it.

Once the quote is copied you are able to change any/all applicable fields. A great example of this is when a customer requests the same itinerary in three different aircraft.

The deal can then be marked as Open, Won, Lost, or Canceled. If a deal is marked as "Lost" a deal status reason can be entered. This list is customizable by the operation and reasons can be specified why the opportunity was lost. To customize the deal status reason proceed to My Company > Global Settings > CRM > Deal Status Reasons.

The new quote that is generated is automatically linked to the same deal. 

Additional Use Cases for Deals

A few examples of use cases that are outside the standard shown above:

  • Using Deals to Track and Report Owner Approvals. Below is an example of how it could be utilized; however, there are many variations.

  1. The quote is accepted by the customer

  2. A Deal is Created from the Quote

  3. Stage is selected as Owner Approval (you can add/edit the Stage options from My Company > Global Settings>CRM>Deal Stages)

  4. Quote is then shared with the owner and the Deal within the Quote is moved to Won, Lost, or Cancel. You can decide how/what you want these to mean.

  5. If the Owner does not approve, simply choose Lost or Cancel and give the reason (which could simply be NOT APPROVED BY OWNER). You can add/edit the Stage options from My Company > Global Settings>CRM>Deal Status Reasons.

  6. If Approved, Change the Stage to Approved, Won, etc.

  7. Book the Quote

  • Using Deals to track additional Feasibility Status using State:

  1. Create a Stage such as “Reviewing Feasibility” while you review the specifics of the trip, check for crew, etc.

  2. Once this has been completed, change the Stage to Feasibility Confirmed

  3. This can be used to view/filter quotes on the Quotes Search Page to locate those quotes that might need crew scheduling or operations to review.

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