Flight log checks

Flight log checks

Tracking a difference in planned and actual Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) and Estimated Time Enroute (ETE) is beneficial information for an operation. A flight time threshold can be turned on and set under the Trip/Flight Log Preferences within the aircraft profile to prompt a check that allows the user to input useful feedback on ETD and ETE. 

  1. Go to My Company > Aircraft

  2. Enable Flight Time Threshold and set the value 

Once enabled any ETD or ETE plus or minus the threshold value setup will prompt a threshold check asking the user entering the actual post-flight times what the delay was (if applicable) and if any additional information is necessary. 

In this example below, the ETD entered was 0.2 (12 minutes) later than scheduled. In addition, the ETE exceeded 0.2 (12 minutes). This allows the pilot to express why the delay on the planned departure time occurred as well as why the change in flight time. Note: the delay type is not a requirement to save the log. To setup delay types go to My Company > Global Settings > Trip > Delay Types. Conversely, maybe the flight takes off before scheduled ETD and arrives before planned ETA either due to the earlier departure time or a lesser ETE. In this case, the threshold check is going to be prompted to capture the situation. This data is reported in Reports > Operations > Flight Data Analysis Report.

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