Quick Start Guide: Calendar

Quick Start Guide: Calendar


Quick Start Guide: Calendars will assist in getting your calendar set up, cover various settings and provide some helpful shortcuts to help you maximize the use of the calendar. The calendar allows for complete customization by each user.

To access the calendars, go to Scheduling on the Main Navigation. There are two views available: Aircraft and Crew

The aircraft calendar includes trip details and personnel events (if event containers are filtered and personnel events are set to show).

The crew calendar allows the user to filter a specific crew member, a few or all crew members and see the details of their schedules. 

Setting up your Scheduling Calendar for the first time

When the Scheduling Calendar is first accessed, it defaults displaying all aircraft for a 14 day timeline. To see those selections "Click Filters."

Aircraft - There is the option to filter by Category, Type, Tail, Regulatory Type or by All Aircraft
Event Containers - The containers selection allows the user to see personnel events on the aircraft calendar within the event container categories the organization have created. Event containers can be setup in Global Settings > General. Examples are training, hard days off, etc.
Stages - The stages field refers to the various stages of the trip cycle. For example, Booked, Dispatched, Completed, etc. The organization can choose which stages apply for the operation. See Configuring Trip Stages.

Tags - Tags can be setup in "Global Settings" as unique identifiers for records. 

Choose to show or hide certain items associated with specific events using the toggle buttons next to these items. Anytime the filters, timeline and settings are changed be sure to save the search if that search needs to be accessed again. Refer to Customizing your Calendar to learn how to save calendar searches.


Other Settings Defined

Pending Trips - This setting refers to a Global Setting where the organization can have a pending stage for quotes. This is typically used for tentative trips that have not yet been confirmed and require a placeholder on the calendar.
Locked Trips - Users with certain access are able to lock trips. This setting designates if those locked trips show on the calendar or not.
Brokered Flights - When a vendor aircraft is created, a trip is scheduled on the vendor aircraft and Brokered Flights is set to show The details to the trip will display on the calendar. 

Personnel Events - This setting allows the user to see the personnel events on the aircraft schedule, if Event Containers are selected and showing. 

A/C Discrepancies - When set to show, aircraft discrepancies will display on the associated aircraft outlining the details with regards to who, what and when.

Aircraft Offline Events - When set to show, the offline event will display for the assigned time frame within the associated aircraft row on the calendar. 

Transient Availability - When selected to display, a transient note referring to where and when the aircraft is transient will display in each calendar block. 

Default - Select whether the preference is for the aircraft or crew calendar to default each time scheduling is accessed. 

Show More - When this option is not selected, all legs are within one block. When "Show More" is selected each leg of the trip contains it's own block and displays additional information like crew full names.

Example of "Show More" selected

Example of "Show More" not selected

For a few more settings and to learn about more customization see Customizing the Calendar View.

Viewing the Calendar

There are various timeline setting options (5, 7, 10, 14 or 30). Based on the timeline setting when using the arrow keys to move forward or back, it correlates to the selected time line setting. For example, if 14 day is selected and the forward arrow is clicked, the calendar will move forward 14 days.

Calendar Key

The colors are associated to the trip status, trip stages, maintenance events, personnel events and whether an aircraft is away from home base (transient). The stage color coding is customizable by the operation.

Icons on the Calendar

  • Arrows: indicates flight leg spans into the next day

  • Person with X: empty leg

  • Check mark: leg is logged

Managing Trips from the Calendar

1. Click on the trip to copy, manage, enter actual flight times or directly access the flight log.

2. Click "Show All" to view all legs to a multiple day trip.

Other Functionality to Know

Log - This brings you directly to the flight log in the trip record
Actuals - This pops up the OUT, OFF, IN and ON fields to quickly enter the actual flight times
Manage Trip - This button will bring you into the trip record
Copy Trip - Copy the original trip and set the parameters to copy
Close - Close the pop up trip display 

Click on the aircraft tail number to open a pop up window which displays a summary of data from the aircraft profile including operational data from the profile, contracts, tags and discrepancies.

Tip: If the Auto-Refresh is enabled, the calendar can be displayed on a large monitor in Scheduling and the auto log out feature will not apply because of the 5-minutes internal auto-refresh.

Ref: G-G12

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