Training Stages

Training Stages

This article will cover:

  • How to create the stages

  • Functionality within the training programs



The settings for the stages can be accessed via the Crew Records module.

Each operation can add as many or few stages as desired. If training stages are not set up the user is still able to add or edit training items without selecting a stage.

When creating the stages, the user has the ability to create custom names for each stage as well as selecting the sort order. The sort order will be the order in which the stages will be applied.

The following settings will need to be created during this step:

  • Active - Toggle to yes or no

  • Edit History -If yes is selected here, that will allow both the individuals added in the Admins and Users fields to edit training items in that particular stage. If the toggle is set to No, when the item reaches this stage only the Admin users are allowed to edit the history of the training item.

  • Admins - This section lists the users who have the permission to edit a training item after it has been locked.

  • Users - This lists the individuals who have the permission to edit a training item in that specific stage.

NOTE: It is best practice that if the setting Edit History is toggled to NO, then the User field should remain empty since any individual listed in that section will not be able to edit items once they are in that stage.



The implementation of stages for training items allows Admins the ability to create a multi-step process for entering and verifying crew training records. This function will ultimately result in the operations ability to verify training records and then lock the change history of each item.

Each time the crew member goes to training, click Create New to add each training event as its own entry. This allows for the application to capture an entry for each time the training occurs, move each occurrence through all stages and preserve the history for each. For more information on managing training items, click here.

Ref: C-P10

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