Crew Records: Training Items

Crew Records: Training Items

Training Items are a way to track training and other Training items for Personnel. 

Training Items must be added as a part of a Program. More information on how to create an manage Programs in Crew Records: Programs.

In this article how to:

  • Create a Training item;

  • Setup a Training item;

  • View / manage Training status; and

  • Edit / update Training item for Personnel.



Go to: Crew Records > Programs > [select name of program] > Training Items tab, and select the Add New button. Once added/created, the item will display in the list below and is available to edit using the blue edit pen button. Note: Training Items may not be created outside a Program. See Crew Records: Programs.



When creating or editing a Training item, a pop-up window will appear with options under the Training tab and the Events tab. 

Training Item Tab

  • Name: Displayed where the Training item is listed.

  • Active: Select to make available and apply to the Program / personnel.

  • Description: Option to add additional notes for the Training item. 

  • Airports: Add to apply / flag only when a flight is to/from a select airport. Leave blank to apply to all.

  • Aircraft: Add to apply / flag only when a flight is on a select aircraft. Leave blank to apply to all.  

  • Avionics: Add to apply / flag only when a flight is with a specific avionics suite. Leave blank to apply to all.

  • Accounts: Add to apply / flag only when a flight is for a specific account. Leave blank to apply to all.

  • FSI Qualification / Course: Used for the Flight Safety International (FSI) integration

  • Crew Position: Add to apply / flag only only for personnel assigned a specific crew position. Leave as N/A to apply to all.

  • Regulatory Type: Add to apply / flag only when a flight is operating under a specific regulatory type. Leave blank to apply to all.

  • Recurrent: When selected, the Frequency / Frequency Type fields will appear to set how often the qualification item must be met.

  • Eligible Grace: When selected, the Pre / Post Grace fields will appear. The number entered will be the quantity of the same Frequency Type value as the recurrent. 

Events Tab

Events tied to a training item allows an operation to check for instrument proficiency. For example, to comply with 135.297 or 61.57, add the required event types and quantities. If the pilot satisfies the requirement by attending training input the training date on the training item. If the date is between the last completed and next due, then its satisfied. Conversely, if the pilot satisfies the requirement in the aircraft, input a log book entry with the aircraft type and flight events to adhere to the requirement. These are checked in the trip feasibility and will flag along with the other crew training items. 

Note: Regulatory Sets should be used check pilot crew activity (e.g. duty time, rest time, flight hours, night landings, etc.) against a defined standard or limitation. More information in Regulatory Sets: Setup.

Deactivate Training Items

Training items may be made inactive from within a Program and also for specific Personnel applied to a Program. Select the yellow Deactivate button, the Training item will then be available to view under the Inactive toggle.



There are several places to view and manage the status of Training item for personnel:

  • Trip Feasibility> Crew

  • Crew Records > Training Items

  • Personnel Profile

  • Reports > Crew Records

  • Program > Personnel tab

Trip Feasibility > Crew

When personnel is added as crew to a trip, a pop-up will appear to confirm crewing them on the trip if there are expired / outstanding Training items. They will also be displayed in the Trip Feasibility under the Crew section: 

Crew Records > Training Items

This is the best recommended method to review Training items for personnel with all the search features available as well as the ability to update records for all personnel directly from one page. (See: Search Functions.)  

From the Training Items page, there is also an additional feature to view the Training history by clicking the blue edit icon then click the clock icon for history

This opens a pop-up window that will display on the previous historical records where the Training item had been met for a particular personnel. Clicking the chat bubble icon button will open a section with additional details:

Personnel Profile

From My Company > Personnel > [select personnel name] > Training tab. All Training items applied to the Personnel (from all Programs they are added to) will be listed with the Last Completed and Next Due dates with the ability to edit.

Reports > Crew

There are many reports available that detail and summarize personnel Training items. The top are:

  • Flight Crew Activity Charts > Crew Recurrency Due Status 

  • Flight Crew Activity Charts > Crew Incomplete Training Status (Non-Recurrent)

  • Flight Crew Activity Detail Reports > Training Item Status

  • Flight Crew Data Analysis Reports > Training Item Analysis Grid 

If you do not see these reports in your account, contact Avianis Support to have them added. 

Program > Personnel Tab

From within the Program of the Training item, go to the Personnel tab and select the blue edit pen button. This will display a section with the Training items as they pertain to that particular personnel. Here the Inactive Training items within a Program for the personnel may also be viewed.



From most all locations where the Training status may be viewed, there will be a blue edit pen button available which will display a pop-up with the following information available to edit / update.

Satisfy Training Item

  • Last Completed: Setting this date will automatically complete the Next Due and Grace Dates with the requirements set in the 

  • Next Due: Will automatically populate when a Last Completed date is entered but may be manually edited.

  • Base Month: Base month is the same month as the Next Due value. Next due value can be manually changed if necessary and will then update base month accordingly. Changing the next due month will not impact last completed date.

  • Grace Start / End Date: Will automatically populate when a Last Completed date is entered but may be manually edited.

  • Event: A Personnel Event may be tied to satisfying a training item (e.g. a training event). It is searchable by the event name and will display the dates the event occurred. 

  • Training Type: May be selected. 

  • Vendor: Searchable from the vendors available. 

  • Comments: Additional notes on satisfying the Training item may be added. 


Base month for all subsequent training records will queue off of the initial entry unless the base month changes based on the following criteria:

  1. The training occurs outside of the due month or outside of the grace period.

  2. Base month and next due will change when the training item is complete outside of grace and base period (if applicable) or in a month different from current base, if no grace applies

To reset base month,

  1. Click Create New to start a new training entry (Next Due is not editable at this step)

  2. Enter the last completed date which will prompt a pop up box asking if you want to change base month.

  3. Select YES

  4. Next Due will then be in edit mode and will set the new base month

Add File to Training

A file may be added in association to a satisfied Training (e.g. a training certificate). Files may be uploaded by clicking the blue edit button then use the paper icon button on a Training record. For more information see: Uploading, Sharing, and Managing Files

Ref: C-P06

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