Watchlist Vetting FAQs

Watchlist Vetting FAQs

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Q: How long does a manifest take to vet?

A: When a manifest is within 72 hours of scheduled departure Local time the service runs in the background sending the data from Avianis to Airline Choice every 5 minutes. After the data is sent the response is received within seconds indicating the clearance status in Avianis.

Q: How long does it take to vet when the flight is now and a passenger gets added?

A: Upon the change in Avianis, the manifest is immediately sent to Airline Choice and then sent through the DHS router to the TSA, clearance status is received within seconds.

Q: How will I know if the passengers are cleared to go?

A: The Feasibility & Tools > Watchlist section will display the results of the check for each passenger. No date or time stamp will be visible within Avianis. The TSA will have the information in their system.

Q: How will the pilots know the passenger vetting status?

A: The reporting team can update trip sheets accordingly if needed based on company policy. It is understood from the TSA there is not a TSA requirement to provide the vetting details to the crew members. The expectation is to be compliant through eSecure Flight and/or the TVE-AEV method. The reporting team will be removing the watchlist section from trip sheets after connection to the Airline Choice system unless requested otherwise.

Additionally, the section in mobile will be revised after further review.

Q: Can the status of the clearance change at any time?

A Yes, TSA may issue unsolicited messages at any time after the initial manifest submissions changing existing vetting response (i.e. from cleared to inhibited, inhibited to cleared, etc.)

Q: How should we handle the inhibited passenger status?

A: Any inhibited passengers at check-in would be handled using Verified ID process.

Q: Does the 3rd party provider have a standard message indicating they are compliant for the TSA requirements?

A: It is the Operator's responsibility to communicate to their TSA contact their submission method and cutover date. A suggested message is:

We will be submitting via the Avianis platform utilizing Airline Choice (MIS Choice) as a messaging gateway on X date. Airline Choice is approved to send manifests through the DHS path.

Q: Is the 3rd party provider GDPR compliant?

A: Airline Choice complies with GDPR requirements. There is no PII that’s retained on their side, they pass the traffic over our connections. All that is stored on their end is a transaction ID. They temporarily store log data for troubleshooting, but that is purged after several days.

Q: How do we vet the crew members to be compliant with AEV (TSA Employee Vetting)?

A: Avianis is not currently connecting to Airline Choice for the AEV Employee Vetting. Our long-term goal is to integrate with the DHS System for the MPL vetting need. Operators are encouraged to identify an alternative solution.

Q: What did the testing look like?

A: Here is a short video demonstrating a test within Avianis. The data sent from Avianis to Airline Choice to the DHS router. Vetting occurred and the status sent from the TSA to Airline Choice to Avianis.

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