Configure Wyvern

Configure Wyvern

To utilize the Wyvern integration with Avianis, first create dedicated Wyvern credentials for Avianis in Wyvern, then turn the Wyvern syncing on in Avianis.

This article covers:

  • How to configure the Wyvern integration for 1 certificate (List of info that syncs to Wyvern.) 

  • How to configure the Wyvern integration using multi certificate

  • Wyvern Integration information

For questions concerning Wyvern, please contact Wyvern Product Support at: 1-800-WINGMAN [946-4626] / 

Turn Syncing On with Avianis with 1 certificate/Wyvern account

  1. Login to Avianis and go to: My Company > Global Settings > Integrations > Wyvern

2. Enter the following information on the Settings tab… 

  • Username/password credentials from Wyvern

  • Who should receive notifications of a Wyvern sync

  • What time each day you would like the integration to run (this is zulu) 

  • Designate if flight crew information is sent based on their listed regulatory type. For example, if crew with the 135 regulatory designation on their personnel profile is required to sync select ‘Part 135’. 

  • Set the applicable training item for proficiency check (293), instrument (297) check and line/sector (299) check. Helpful Hint: These should not be aircraft specific. (See Quick Start Guide: Crew Records for more on creating the programs and training items.) 

Click SAVE

3. Select the 'Aircraft Model Mapping' tab and select the Wyvern Model Type Code for each aircraft in Avianis. Once the Interface cycles, Wyvern will consider all of the Aircraft Types and add them to the appropriate Type Rating which updates the crewmember's times (within Wyvern).

4. Select the Personnel and enable each personnel you would like to sync to Wyvern for the auto-sync. 

Configuring Wyvern to sync when using Certificate Segmentation

The integration needs to be configured in My Company > Global Settings > Integrations.

To configure each certificate's Wyvern authentication, go to My Company > Profile.

  1. Access the Operator Certificate by clicking the blue edit button.

  2. Click Enable

  3. Enter the certificate specific Username and Password

  4. Click Authenticate

  5. Click Save

  6. Do this for each operator certificate as needed

When a crew member is enabled for the Wyvern sync, if they are tied to a certificate in their profile, and that certificate has Wyvern enabled then it uses the credentials setup in that certificate to pass over data to Wyvern

NOTE: If the crew member does not have a certificate associated to their profile then it uses the authentication set in the Settings tab of the integration page.


Pilot Information for Wyvern

If no flights have been logged in Avianis, pilots will need to be sure to add their current time within Log Book entries (tab found on the Personnel profile) and not just as a baseline time. This will ensure their Time in Type displays correctly with Wyvern.
Note: Click here to read more on Log Book entries.

Wyvern will also sync the following information from a pilot's Personnel page:
From the Profile tab: 

  • Homebase

  • DOB

From the Employment tab: 

  • Employment status

  • Hire date 

From the Crew Info tab: 

  • Certificate information: number, type, and issue date

  • Medical certificate information: class and last completed

  • Aircraft type ratings

Ref: I-W02

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